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Best composite bonding Oxfordshire and UK? Who is the best dentist?

Many patients are not happy with their smile for a number of reasons.

1) Teeth not being straight enough

2) Teeth being worn down

3) Teeth being chipped or fractures

4) Old crown or restoration showing black around the gum

5) Teeth not being white enough

6) Too gummy a smile or teeth too small

7) Not enough tooth or teeth shown when smiling

8) Smile is not balanced or symmetrical

For any of these issues we always advise just sending us a picture of what you do not like for a quick free opinion or come in for an in person consultation.

Composite bonding can solve a lot of these issues by adding special white filling material over or on the edges of teeth and them polishing them.

The result is normally very natural, quick with little to no pain or sensitivity as we hardly ever have to drill the tooth.

We are experts in composite bonding and do thousands of cases a year. We also teach our specific techniques to dentists all across the world and have won numerous awards for this alone. We aim to always layer your teeth with lots of different subtle colours and textures to make sure the result looks like a tooth and not something artificial.

What are the main benefits of composite bonding compared to traditional porcelain veneers?

1) Much quicker

2) Less drilling or damage to your natural tooth

3) Cheaper

4) Easier to adjust and fix

What are the downsides of composite bonding compared to traditional porcelain veneers?

1) Porcelain lasts longer than composite. Composite is prone to coffee/smoking/turmeric staining.

2) The colour can stain and fade a little over time and may need replaced or repolished every 3-5 years.

3) Porcelain is normally stronger and remains shinier.

4) Requires a very skilful dentist and annual maintenance.

5) If you grind your teeth you will need a night guard to protect the bonding.

What is the process for composite bonding?

1) Book a face to face consultation

2) Make sure gums and other teeth are in good condition first

3) Do a live in chair mock up to agree colour and shape

4) Discuss if teeth whitening or orthodontics is required first

5) Attend for your bonding session

6) Attend for your review and maintenance sessions.

How much does composite bonding cost?

In general the prices start from £250 per tooth but can increase with complexity and time. While porcelain veneers start from £800 per tooth.

How do I know I have found the best dentist for me?

1) Look at their work

2) Have a video consultation

3) Have an in person consultation

4) Have a mock up appointment

5) Ask them to explain the plan to you.

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