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Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Here are some wishes for the new year from my perspective:

1) I hope that the world returns to a more 'normal' state of affairs. The reality is that COVID is not going away and there will probably be more national and international issues. The hope is that with the vaccines and technology that maybe, just maybe, we can start travelling around the world again. At this point in time everyone feels disconnected in their bubbles... but to cope and survive we need to all work together and support each other.

2) I hope that we can appreciate the special times with our loved ones. Life moves fast! I sometimes do not just want to just take a moment but want to savour it all instead. Sadly with the work/life balance it is not always possible. When you are growing a business, you put your heart and soul into it and sometimes you turn to yourself and hope it is all worth it. When you are passionate about something it is important to remember all the reasons why you do what you do and not lose the love.

3) I hope we all continue to invest in our health. Firstly our mental health, then our medical health and let's not forget our dental health. I know many people put their teeth as a low priority in their life but I honestly cannot stress how important regular check ups are to check for gum disease and oral cancer. Just do it - do not procrastinate. A lot of people have said to me it is a good time to get dental work done because they are working from home and are wearing in a mask!

4) I hope we continue to invest in our education. I do not necessarily mean extra degrees but it is important to keep pushing oneself and learning as this keeps our minds active. This year I will continue to teach but my students keep me on my toes. I constantly feel that I need to keep developing so that my teaching stays up to date and relevant.

5) I pride myself on being forward thinking and being technologically aware but recently I feel a few things have passed me by without even realising. One of them is cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or NFT's (non fungible tokens - for more information click here). Now I am not one of those people who rush into things, I like to take my time and learn as much as possible first. So my aim by the end of this year is to create my first digital NFT artwork (and maybe even sell one). I think sometimes it easy to brush things off as not being relevant to you but I think it is important to learn and maybe experience these things before making a judgment.

6) I hope that our patients appreciate how hard we work to deliver something special and that they realise that not all dentists are equal and sometimes paying a little more for quality in your mouth goes a long way.

7) Try to be more understanding and be more empathetic. Sometimes I feel we and so involved in our own worlds and phones that we forget to develop the more human aspects of our personalities. I am very guilty of this. I hate the phrase 'communication skills' but it is so so important.

8) Try not to watch the news and social media too much. A lot of it just wastes your time and leaves you empty or the false illusion of value.

9) Try not to jump to conclusions and have volatile immediate reactions. I think we are all guilty of this, especially with the people we care about. Sometimes we like to think we are never wrong but it is a dangerous road that can affect the relationships with the people you care about.

10) Try and focus on the positives in ones life. Yes things can always be better but try and look at things 'half full'. A positive mental attitude in the face of adversity will always set you better. Surround yourself with people who share that mindset. The highs will never feel like highs without the lows - but just try your best and do not be afraid to ask for help.

My best wishes to you and yours - Thomas X

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