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You can't make everyone happy...

Recently it has come to our attention that no matter how hard you work and hard you try to cover all bases, supply information, be polite and courteous you just can't make everyone happy!

So what does that mean then... I think the honest answer is to try ones best to be as reasonable as possible but at the end of the day do not let this be at the cost of ones own happiness and principles.

Let's take our dental clinic for example... people will say our website is too confusing, yet we made it black and white and very simple to navigate.

Learning point: Yes there are always things we can improve, it's a never ending process where we take everyones feedback and try to make it better. One has to also remember that we set the standard very high so that in itself creates a lot of pressure on us.

Someone else may say: "we couldn't find where you are". Yet we have placed multiple large signs around the area and step by step photos and videos on our website.

Learning point: Maybe we can send these images via email to all patrons beforehand to help. Maybe more signs.

A common one is "my old dentist never mentioned this work needing done and it seems rather expensive to me".

Learning point: Maybe we can send patrons a list of our prices beforehand. We do show all our pricing on our website and tried to be as transparent as possible. We are a premium clinic and charge premium but fair prices. The honest truth is that if people do not recognise or appreciate the level of care and service we provide then maybe it is our fault for not explaining it well enough or maybe it is an uphill battle we may never win. With regards to their previous experiences - I personally believe there is no other clinic like ours in the world in all respects and I hope that one day people that visit us appreciate how hard we work to do what we do.

It can all be a bit demoralising when people do not fully appreciate all your hard work and value but I suppose that's life - maybe one day a few patients will look back at us and think 'wow I was so fortunate to go there, they really looked after me'.

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