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Why you should not ignore your dentist's advice...

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

So when people attend the clinic they generally appreciate that we are very advanced and have created a uniquely beautiful and luxurious setting for them... that's great but sometimes people for whatever reason do not listen to the message we are trying to deliver.

Here are some reasons why people do not listen to us or refuse treatment:

1) They loved and worshipped their old previous dentist and no one else could ever come close, even though there are major problems that have been ignored for years.

2) They have done thorough research online and believe they know exactly what is required even though they have no dental training or understanding of how to do the procedure. They feel that they just know better.

3) They just do not want to listen. It does not matter what you say to these people they will argue that the sky is purple and there is no logical reasoning with them.

4) They think all dentists are money grabbing and want to rip them off and are recommending unnecessary treatment.

5) They just hate dentists and the idea of any dentistry.

6) They disagree with the plan suggested to them even when the reasons are clearly explained.

7) They are anxious regarding treatment and the costs.

8) They have had previous bad experiences that affect their future decision making.

9) Someone or something has advised them of something alternative that they prefer the idea of (path of least resistance).

10) You are the tenth dentist they have seen so far and they want another opinion until it is the one that coincides with theirs.

11) They are physically or psychologically not able to deal with any treatment.

12) They believe all dentists are the same and the level of work done is equal.

13) They are just too busy and cannot create the time to look after their oral health. It simply is not a priority in their life at that moment.

So above are some of the reasons that most people identify with. From our perspective they are all valid in their own way but let us explain things from our perspective.

We have a famous phrase at TAHA DENTAL EXCELLENCE "do not let the tooth decide for you". This basically means if you leave something long enough like a cavity or a fracture, eventually at some point it will start causing severe pain and chances are you will not be able to do anything for a few days until it is sorted. Chances are, it will always happen at the worst time like just before you go or during your holiday or worse yet, during Easter or Christmas.

We check your teeth and gums microscopically like no one else, so we see things that other dentists may have never even seen or pointed out - "but I used to go every 6 months" means nothing if people are not checking things correctly.

IF we recommend treatment to you - it really is because you need it! We will even prioritise it in order of importance for you so that we deal with the most important issues first. Yes there may be a long list of things to be done but there is no exact time limit "it is a marathon not a sprint".

As dentist it is highly unethical to suggest treatment that is not needed and we are one of the most regulated professions in the UK. It is our job and duty to list everything and to tell you everything honestly otherwise it can be deemed as dental neglect. Sometimes people travel from different countries just to come for a consultation and completely ignore our advice and plans which are based on thousands upon thousands of similar cases after so many years of experience - baffling!

Yes it is true, sometimes as a profession we do not always get things right as we are human but time generally always proves us right and we just hope it is not too late for people. If you look after people, people will look after you.

To be a popular dentist is not difficult, you just tell all your patients nothing ever needs done and everything is perfect and just ask about their lives and families. It is much harder to be liked by your patients for telling them the candid truth about what really needs done in order to help them. To be able to sleep at night knowing and believing you have done your best for the benefit of the patient is immeasurable. Sometimes the hardest path is the best path and being honest with your patients is not always easy when you know they are not going to love you for it.

If you still think we are wrong or do not agree with what we are recommending then maybe we are not the right people for you and we always strongly advise you seek a second opinion. In most cases our patients appreciate the facts and realities even though it is not always easy to digest and hear.

Dentistry is not always the most pleasant thing in the world to pay money for and endure but finding an ethical dentist that really cares is worth its weight in gold. As we always say "the best dentistry is when no dentistry is ever needed".

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