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I would like to refer a patient for...

Rest assured we will carry out an assessment, keep you fully updated and refer your patient back to your clinical care
If you would like to be referred by your dentist for a specific treatment or would like to self-refer please click here
If you are a dentist yourself and would like to see us for treatment or refer your family please contact us here
We currently accept referrals for the following treatments:

Gum Grafting & Pin-Hole Gum Regeneration
Re - Root Canal Treatments & Apicetomies 

Tooth-wear & Complex Rehabilitations
Minor Oral Surgery & Wisdom Tee
Dental Implant & Socket Preservation

Invisalign & Adult Orthodontics 
Cosmetic Bonding & Veneers
Surgical Crown Lengthening

Deep Margin Elevations
ICON White Patches
CT Scan & Reports

Please email photos & radiographs directly to or upload below or use wetransfer
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Thank you for submitting... if you do not hear back from us in 48 hours please contact us directly via email or phone.

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