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Do not simply wish for whiter teeth...


We can guarantee it* 

We only use the safest whitening systems in the world to guarantee VITA B1 shade with little or no sensitivity. Real results in just 2-3 weeks. When it comes to whitening we have learned that one must pay for quality to get the best results, you cannot cut corners. 

We now only perform professionally monitored and provided home bleaching as this is the safest and most comfortable way of getting whiter teeth for adults.

The process normally involves the following:

1) Attending a consultation for assessment of your dental health. 

2) If no dental issues need to be addressed your clinician will take a scan and photos of your teeth (and record the starting shade). In addition, they will explain all the risks, costs and benefits of teeth whitening. You will also sign a consent form stating that all the options and risks have been explained and that you are happy to proceed. 

3) After 1-2 weeks you will return for fitting of custom whitening trays will be made for you by a British registered dental laboratory.

4) You clinician will then test you do not have any allergies and make sure you understand all the necessary instructions. 

5) You will then return for review 2-3 weeks later to assess how your whitening has gone and for final pictures. 

6) Your clinician may advise you to buy additional gels for top up whitening for a few days every 6-12 months as the results can diminish over time.  

Instructions, Precautions and Advice:



Dental Bleaching at Home

Dental bleaching is used to whiten your teeth. The active ingredient is a carbamide peroxide solution in a glycerine base gel, it is essential that you follow the instructions given by your Dentist and read the following instructions and precautions carefully.



If you have an allergy to carbamide peroxide or glycerine, or are aware of any adverse reaction you may suffer to any of these ingredients, please do not proceed with the treatment.  Clinical research has indicated that carbamide peroxide gel is a safe material when used to bleach teeth. Studies have shown the process to be safe for the soft tissues (the cheeks, gums, tongue and throat). Please note that the long term effects have not yet been fully established and we do not recommend use of this product during pregnancy.


During Your Treatment 

Please wear your bleaching trays for a minimum of 45 minutes or overnight if directed by your dentist.  Your dentist will discuss the best option to suit your teeth and lifestyle. The treatment can cause the teeth to become sensitive to hot and cold during treatment and can continue into the following day. These symptoms are usually transient and should they occur please delay using the product for a day, purely for your own comfort. If your teeth become very sensitive you can place sensitive toothpaste or tooth mousse into the bleaching trays for an hour prior to bleaching your teeth, this will usually stop the sensitivity.  Alternatively you can rub the sensitive toothpaste or tooth mousse into your teeth and gums with your finger a couple of times a day, do not rinse your mouth out after applying the toothpaste or tooth mousse. 


Remove any excess bleaching product from around the gums or the palate once the trays are in place using your finger or a cotton pad. Do not eat whilst the trays are in your mouth, if you need to drink limit this to taking small sips of water, using a straw may help!


If you cannot wear the trays for a few days because of your hectic schedule, it doesn’t matter.  Bleach your teeth according to your own schedule. It just means that the process takes a little longer than it would by using the product daily. 


It is advisable to avoid drinks like coffee or red wine during the whitening process and for one week after completion, similarly avoid heavily coloured foods such as curry. You are recommended not to smoke during the course of the treatment.


The degree of whitening achieved varies. Most people obtain improvements in tooth colour within one to five weeks. The darker your teeth, the longer your teeth will take to lighten.  Tetracycline stained teeth can take 6 months or up to one year to bleach the teeth.  Your Dentist will discuss the results that can be achieved in your individual case and take a shade match before you start the bleaching process, we can then closely monitor the results to ensure you are happy with the final outcome. 


Upon completion of Treatment

Once you have achieved the desired shade for your teeth, please cease using the product and return to the practice for a review appointment with your Dentist. To reach the desired shade you may need to purchase extra tubes of gel in addition to the initial supply; this can be done by phoning us or calling into the practice. Please note that an additional top-up treatment may be required in 6-24 months as teeth naturally darken over time. Please keep your bleaching trays even after you have completed the treatment, you may want to use them again in the future. 


If you can any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact any member of our team on:

01235 550987 or email us





Before Use


1. Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly (brush with your normal toothpaste).

2. Prepare your tray by placing a little whitening gel into each of the reservoirs.

3. Place the tray into the mouth and ensure that it is well seated.

4. Remove excess material with your finger or a cotton pad/ tissue.

5. Do not swallow any excess material.


On Removal


1. Take the trays out and rinse your mouth with water.

2. Brush your teeth with your normal toothpaste.

3. Clean the trays in cool water.

4. Leave the trays in the open box to air dry.

Screenshot 2020-09-29 at 08.23.58.png
We are officially trained teeth whitening experts using the following systems:
Enlighten For video please click here 
Boutique Whitening 
1) We use custom made trays bespoke to you. 
2) We have multiple strengths of whitening gel so no matter how sensitive your teeth are we can find a solution. 
3) We have over 10 years experience with extensive knowledge in simple to advanced whitening methods. 
4) We digitally scan and 3D print models of your teeth - so no more messy impressions!
5) We assess the oral health of every patient before hand to ensure that it is safe to be carried out. 
6) We provide professional hygiene services on site to get your teeth prepared for whitening and remove any stains. 
7) We review and take photos of every case to monitor your results until you are happy. 
8) We provide a B1 whitening guarantee on dedicated tooth whitening treatments (subject to terms and conditions). 
9) We carry out inside/out internal bleaching of teeth that have been traumatised and discoloured over time. 
10) Our results speak for themselves we always encourage people to look at the quality of our photos and results and compare. 
Common Whitening Questions
1) Does it hurt? Is it really sensitive?
It is true teeth whitening can be sensitive on some while others notice nothing. The reason why this may occur is because your enamel protective layer on your tooth, has become very thin and exposed the underlying dentine close to the nerve. As a result the whitening gel can create a sensitivity normally this is temporary and resolves itself. Ways to get around this are: i) Use less gel in these areas ii) Use a lower concentration of whitening gel initially iii) Cover and seal any exposed dentine before treatment iv) Use a sensitivity toothpaste like pro-enamel. If very sensitive you can alternate whitening days with sensitivity gel days. 
2) Will it damage my teeth?
The short answer is no. As long as you are monitored by a professional dentist and have custom trays made with a specific prescribed gel you should be fine.
3) Do the over the counter whitening gels work as well?
In the long term no - because the high percentage concentrations must be prescribed. In the short term many of these items can temporarily work, as they coat your tooth with a fine white powder. This gives the illusion of white teeth but the reality is that hey tend to fade very quickly. 
4) How often will I need to whiten?
Initially every day for minimum of 3 hours ideally for at least 2 consecutive weeks. After your initial whitening we advise a top of whitening for a few nights every 6 to 12 months. 
5) How do I control how white they become?
The truth is there is no real limit you can stop. whenever you wish. You can keep whitening until you are happy.... although it has been noted that teeth to reach a saturation point of how white they can go. 
6) Do you do in chair, laser or in office whitening and does it work?
The reality is the maximum percentage you get at home is the maximum we can provide at the surgery. In actual fact many other systems previously advertised this as an answer for long term whiter teeth but the reality is that the in office treatment was just dehydrating your teeth - hence makes them look whiter at the end of the appointment. Yes we can do a session in the surgery to help accelerate the process but the truth is the - home whitening with custom made trays and professional teeth whitening gel produces the safest and best long term results. We do not provide laser whitening for the same reasons as stated above.
7) I have crowns, veneers and fillings will these whiten also?
No... they will have to be replaced to match the new colour of your teeth. In order to maintain your whitening shade you will need to buy additional gels and do a few extra days of whitening every 6-12 months. 
8) How long does the gel provided last for?
Depends on the size of the syringe and what system you use. In general we normally provide enough gel for 2-3 weeks of whitening to reach the B1 shade. If you do not reach this or wish to go whiter you will need to buy additional gels. Keep going until you are happy!
9) What's the process?
- You may need an examination (and hygiene) by a dentist to make sure that it is safe to do whitening on you (ie no existing conditions like decay, gum disease, severe recession. fractures etc that need attention first).
- Once cleared for this, we will take a digital scan and photos of your teeth. You will also sign a consent form saying you are aware of the benefits, risks and cost. 
- After 2 weeks your custom trays will have been made by a UK dental laboratory and you will attend for fitting of these trays and it will be explained how to use them. 
- You will then wear your trays with the special whitening gels (carbamide peroxide 10-16%) as prescribed and you will return 2-3 weeks later for review with your dentist. (Please be aware that if you wish to go whiter you may need to purchase new gels).
10) Why do I have to come in for a consultation as I have my own dentist?
Your safety is our priority therefore the reason we ask you to attend for a consultation first is to assess whether it is safe to do teeth whitening. If you have any gum disease or decay etc then these need to be dealt with first. Some patients say "well I have had a check up recently so i'll be fine", unfortunately this still doesn't help. Unless we have a written referral from your dentist with x-rays then we will still need to do our own assessment. Also not every whitening system is the same and certain discoloured teeth need more attention therefore we must change our approach to ensure you get the best possible result.
vita shade guide.JPG
The image above shows the natural shades of teeth in the average population. The B1 guarantee refers to the getting you to the most naturally found 'white' teeth in the spectrum. You can go whiter than this but it may require a longer period of concentrated whitening that may fade over time if not maintained. Being a whitening centre of excellence allows us to use our vast experience over thousands of cases to ensure consistently great results. 
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