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"As a fully private independent family practice we use the best materials, the most modern equipment, with the utmost attention to care and detail."
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New Patient Consultation                                                                                          £72
with our expert dental surgeons this includes the following (where appropriate)
digital 3D oral scan 
oral cancer screenin
gum disease assessment 
soft and hard tissue report
small intra-oral radiographs
clinical photographic images
bespoke oral hygiene guidance
missing teeth replacement discussion 
smile design & orthodontic projections
potential fractures and decay assessment
bite, tooth wear and gum recession analysis
fully itemised & explained treatment plan options
our current new consultation fee is for a limited time only

Routine General Dental Check Up                                                                               £60
(for existing patrons who have had their new patient consultation previously and attended the practice for an examination within the past 12-18 months)

Advanced Consultation with our Clinical Director Dr Taha
(this is for advanced or complex cases in Endodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Oral surgery, Implant and Multi-Disciplinary dentistry)

Hygienist Session from                                                                                              £80
(all our hygiene sessions included complimentary oral hygiene instructions and plans as well as airflow powder polishing at no extra charge)

Deep Periodontal Gum Cleaning from                                                                       £160
(this is our signature deeper clean which is needed when there is chronic or acute gum disease or you have not had a cleaning for some time)

Radiographs (x-rays) 
Single bitewing or peri apical low dosage image                                                          £10
Panoral OPT (2D X-ray of both jaws)                                                                            £60
3D CT Imaging Scan Per Arch from                                                                           £150

Composite Bonding of White Restorations

Small Size from                                                                                                     £120
Medium Size from                                                                                                 £200
Large Size from                                                                                                     £250
Simple Tooth Removal from                                                                                      £185
Complex or Surgical Tooth Removal from                                                                    £250
Wisdom tooth removal from                                                                                     £285
Tooth coronectomy from                                                                                          £300
Socket Bone Preservation for Dental Implant from                                                         £400

Root canal treatment under microscope from
Re-root canal treatment under microscope from                                                            £650
Root Surgery Apicectomy (using microscope & piezo) from                                            £400                                   
Live 'in chair' Smile Design mock up from                                                                   £350
SAME DAY* Half - Crown and Onlays from                                                               £750

(*We are one of the few clinics in the country to have their own dental laboratory machines on site to turn around cases within a day where appropriate)
White Ceramic Crowns from                                                                                   £799
Full Gold Crowns from                                                                                            £899

Crown Recementation from                                                                                        £70
Porcelain ultra thin SKIN Veneers from                                                                        £999
Composite Bonding from                                                                                         £250
Composite Diastema Gap Closure from                                                                     £285
Bridges per unit from                                                                                              £550 FULL SAME DAY Smile Makeover with DR TAHA from                                               £15000
Acrylic Partial Dentures from                                                                                     £580
Full Acrylic Complete Dentures from                                                                           £950
Partial Cobalt-Chrome Dentures from                                                                        £1100
Natural Denture Additions and Alterations from                                                            £185

Dental implant bone fixture from                                                                              £1600
Dental implant crown from                                                                                       £650

Additional bone and collagen membrane grafting from                                                 £350
Additional sinus lifting and graft from                                                                         £500
Additional soft tissue grafting from                                                                             £400
Removal 'explantation' of dental implant from                                                              £300
Implant Retained Single Arch Denture from                                                              £11000
All on 4 to 6 Full Single Arch Implant Retained Bridge from                                        £15000

PIN-HOLE™ Gum Regeneration from                                                                        £500
Gum Grafting Recession treatment from                                                                     £550
Surgical or Laser Crown Lengthening treatment from                                                     £250

Cosmetic White Braces from                                                                                 £2600
Invisalign™ Lite available from                                                                               £3600
Invisalign™ Moderate including SmileArchitect available from                                  £3800

Invisalign™ Full available from                                                                               £3999
Incognito™ Lingual Hidden Braces from                                                                  £5500
Bonded Retainers from                                                                                           £300
Vivera Retainers (from Invisalign) from                                                                     £360
Orthodontic Temporary Anchorage Device from                                                          £850
Microscopic removal of braces, attachments & post orthodontic polish                            £360
(please be aware we currently only provide adult orthodontic treatment)
Guaranteed Professional B1 Teeth Whitening (bespoke & custom trays) from                     £440
Inside-Out Dark Tooth Internal Whitening from                                                             £500 

Soft Nightguard from                                                                                              £185
Custom Sportsguard from                                                                                         £250

Hard Nightguard Splint from                                                                                    £450
Facial Aesthetics (Reducing Forehead Wrinkles, Glabella Lines & Crow's Feet) 

Clinical Face to Face Assessment & Consultation                                                            £50
(this consult fee can be claimed from any treatment that is carried out)
Injectables per session starting from                                                                           £160
Dermal Fillers starting from                                                                                       £300
Child Private Fee List 
​Please note we are a fully private independent practice and only see children privately

Children can only attend if they have a registered parent and/or guardian who has maintained their annual check ups 

New Patient Child Examination                                                                                  £65
Emergency New Child Examination                                                                            £65
Registered Child Patient (3-17) Examination
(under 36 months age exam is complimentary with paying parent)   £45
White glass ionomer fluoride restorations for baby (deciduous) teeth from                           £90
Removal of baby deciduous teeth from                                                                       £120
Fissure Sealant from                                                                                                  £32
Preventative Resin Restoration from                                                                             £150
Sports Mouthguard from                                                                                          £165
White Spot and ICON patch treatment per tooth from                                                  £250


New patient emergency consultation                                                                           £72

The consultation fee includes all small radiographic x-rays and prescriptions but does NOT cover any treatment required.If treatment or additional assessment is needed on the day, your dentist will always explain the reasons, costs and options beforehand.We always believe that you can be confident of what you are paying for with no hidden fees or additional charges unless otherwise discussed.All work unless otherwise stated comes with a 12 month warranty. 

Out of hours emergency consultation (for registered patients only) from                             £320

Payment Plans Available (subject to availability, approval and terms and conditions).

TAHA Prime_Plan
 (includes two annual examinations, two hygiene sessions plus benefits)

TAHA Perio_Plan (includes two annual examinations, four hygiene sessions plus benefits)

CURRENT INCENTIVES (expire at end of current calendar month)

All Invisalign cases will receive complimentary video consultations* and teeth whitening. 

All Implants will be offered complimentary phone consultations and extended
** the extended warranty will be discussed on an individual basis subject to the treatment required and terms and conditions. 

All higher education students will receive ten percent reduction in tota
l treatment estimates***. 
*** subject to valid identification and not in conjunction with any other incentives. Subject to terms and conditions. Does not apply to examinations, new patient consultations, hygiene or periodontal treatments. 
"We advise all patients to look at the quality of our work and compare. We truly believe we 
are like no other clinic in the world

Samantha & Thomas
Questions & Queries

How do you calculate your fees and prices?


It is important to remember the fee is not just for an item of treatment but for a high quality premium experience from the moment you contact us right through to the post-operative and long-term care you will receive. We want to create a calm, relaxed professional environment that makes you enjoy visiting us. Since the COVID-19 pandemic we now process all payments before your appointment (where possible) to limit the number of interactions. A deposit or full payment will be requested to secure appointments. You will be sent secure links via email or phone beforehand to fill out any essential details needed to ensure your appointment runs as smoothly as possible.     



Why was my treatment shorter or longer than originally estimated?

We often say "a good job takes as long as it takes" and the time quoted is purely an estimate. We have some of the finest clinicians in the country that have been training the majority of their adult lives to provide the care you receive. So if they finish early, rest assured that the treatment has been completed to the best of their ability. Alternatively, one should remember that dentistry is incredibly complex and that sometimes it takes longer than expected to achieve the desired result. This could mean that the clinician may need a little more time or book you in again in order to achieve the best result possible for you. Please note that where possible we adopt a comprehensive policy where we must treat any or all infections you may have first, then decay and fractures before any cosmetic or implant work can be carried out. 


Can I pay in instalments or finance?

We accept all major credit, debit cards and bank wire transfer. We do not accept cash. We also send secure invoices that can be paid online at your own convenience before your appointment. Payment plans can be arranged by contacting our reception team (subject to terms, conditions and availability). We currently do not offer in-house finance. Should you wish to explore this option please contact a personal lending broker. 


Do you accept private dental insurance or do Denplan or practice plans?


Yes we do accept private dental insurance such as BUPA. We advise you contact your insurance company beforehand to clarify what will be covered and what your yearly allowance is. We are happy to fill in and sign any forms that require us to help explain why the treatment was required. We currently do not offer Denplan but in some cases we can raise an invoice for you so that you can claim back what you pay from Denplan directly. Our experience with practice monthly plans is that in some scenarios you do not get much value from them and you are often better just paying for what you have done. No matter your situation or preference we will find a solution for you - we always believe in upfront clear concise pricing with no hidden extras. 


Why has the cost of my treatment changed from originally quoted or not the same as the above fee list?


You will notice many of our costs above state 'starting from'. This is because dentistry is not always exactly the same for everyone and every tooth and individual case is different. Sometimes what we believe is going to be a routine treatment ends up becoming far more complicated than expected and vice versa. When this happens, sometimes we need to adjust our fees accordingly due to the complexity or the extra time needed. In some instances, what was originally planned may not even occur, due to your clinician and you agreeing a different course of treatment that would be better suited to your long term needs. Whenever this does occur, rest assured that your clinician will give you all the options, benefits, risks and associate costs to allow you to make the best decision for you. 


Why does your emergency fee only cover a consultation and not any additional dentistry?

This is a great question! The reason is that, we have to block and allocate a certain amount of time for all emergencies. The consultation time of 30 minutes and the related cost is far below the costs of running the clinic for that set period. We want to help as many people as possible but it is important that we also stay a viable profitable business to look after our employees, fellow patients and their families who depend on us. A lot of people contact us and explain their issue over the phone but when they arrive for their consultation, their problem can be completely different to what was thought or far more complicated. We ask all our patrons to be as understanding as possible and appreciate that we are always trying our best and learning to be better. 

Can you promise that I will always be seen exactly on time and not wait?


We promise to always try our best! We are only human and sometimes in accommodating others to help them in their time of need we may become delayed. We advise all patients to contact us if they are going to be late for their appointment. We will always aim to inform all patients if we are running more than 15 minutes from scheduled. If you must not run late due to other commitments, we advise that you inform the clinic upon your booking so that we can prepare accordingly. It may also help to have the first appointment of the day or of the afternoon session as these are the most likely to be running exactly to time. Please be aware we prefer, where possible, to communicate digitally to keep a track of all communication but if our reception team are busy you will go to an overflow reception service who can only take simple messages - we promise to return your message as soon as we can (but please leave the correct details or email us directly to 

I just would like a hygiene or treatment without registering as a new patient is this possible?

To use our bespoke hygiene services you must register and be seen by one of our great dentists initially or have a referral from a dentist. This is to allow them to prescribe exactly what the most appropriate treatments, times and costs are for you. Once registered you may then have a discussion with your hygiene provider regarding your future oral health maintenance. Remember the success of your oral health is a team effort, everyone must be regularly informed what is happening in your mouth so that we can alter your maintenance plans should it be needed. Many dentists refer their patients to us for a specific treatment (your dentist must contact us directly in such cases). Upon completion of any treatment carried out by us you would then return to your original referring dentist for any future ongoing care. 

Do you see NHS patients or provide NHS dentistry?

We are a fully private clinic and do not have an NHS contract and receive no tax payer funding. We can however see NHS patients as private patients. For example if you need a specific advanced treatment done or need to be seen by a dentist urgently you can pay privately to see us. You can then have your treatment and then return or find an NHS dentist when it is convenient for you - we would also advise you ring NHS England on 0300 311 2233 or NHS 111 if an emergency to find your local NHS dentist. If you ever need some advice do visit our dental concerns pages or email us and we will try our best to help you. 

Why do you operate a pre-payment policy for all appointments?

We operate a first come first serve policy to all our patients that is fair to everyone and avoids superfluous bookings. Once your payment is completed you will be offered multiple appointment options and can pick the one that suits your work and lifestyle the most. We aim to see all patients within 7-10 working days depending on their flexibility. Since the COVID 19 pandemic we have tried to limit contact times in the clinic to minimise the risks to all patients and staff. We have found this to be incredibly efficient as all payments will have been processed beforehand leaving you to just come and go for your treatment only. We understand that this is not what you may have been used to in the past but rest assured that once you experience our way of dentistry you will realise the benefits. 

Why have you stated I need certain treatment while my previous dentist never mentioned any of this to me? Must I have everything done that you have suggested after our consultation?

This is a very common question. If you get a moment do read our blog in relation to this. We carry out microscopic exams that take upto 60 minutes to complete... we will show you your teeth like no one else ever has. We will explain why certain conditions have developed and how to prevent future issues from developing. If you are really serious about looking after your oral health as best as possible then we will explain and show everything we possibly can to help you realise it. We never force or pressure treatment, we simply advise you that it is a marathon not a sprint to get to the ideal and that we are willing to support you every step of the way.


Please be aware that if you are advised a course a treatment and do not confirm you wish to proceed within 14 days, your course of treatment will be inactivated and you may need to pay for a another assessment appointment in the future before any treatment can be undertaken.


Please also note that attending for an emergency consultation does not mean you are a registered patient - you MUST have attended for a full new patient assessment appointment (please see fees above). To remain a registered patient you must attend for your annual check up (12 months from your last assessment) with your dentist. If you fail to attend this or arrange this yourself (regardless of reminders or not) you may be de-registered and need to pay a new patient assessment fee.



Will I always see the same dentist?

This is a good question, in general we always try and book you in with the same dentist especially if in the middle of treatment. If an emergency, we always try and offer you the first available slot whomever it may be with. The reality of life is that your dentist may not always be available the time and day you wish therefore we advise all patrons when booking to specifically state that they are willing to wait to see their own dentist or are happy to be given the most convenient time slot for them with an alternative clinician. Nevertheless we advise patrons that all our clinicians are some of the very best providers in the country and that they have all been personally trained by Dr Taha our clinical director. 

Why can I not have a consultation and treatment on the same day?

At TAHA Dental Excellence we pride ourselves on treating each patient as an individual and tailoring a treatment plan to each patient's specific needs. A significant amount of our treatment planning is actually carried out after the initial consultation: this involves reviewing all photos and x-rays taken during the initial consultation, and marrying this with your concerns regarding your oral health. It can often take time to put together a treatment plan which will address your concerns and enable us to treat you so that you are deemed dentally fit and healthy at the end of the course of treatment. This is therefore why we are never able to guarantee that we can provide treatment on the same day, as we want to ensure that we are providing the best treatment possible, whilst also giving you the information that you require to come to an informed decision regarding all options available to you.

The most common time we perform treatment on the same day is during emergency appointments where someone is in pain and we try our best to help them on the same day where possible. We are always trying to improve and learn so if you have any helpful advice on how we can improve please do contact us. 

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We require 48 hours’ notice to change or cancel an appointment to avoid your deposit being forfeited. 

This can be arranged by calling us on (+44) 01235 550987. If you are unable to reach us for any reason, please email our team at contact@tahadental,

Any bookings made within 48 hours of the appointment date and time are subject to the same terms as described above.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, we may not be able to see you and your deposit or fee may still be forfeited.

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