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AI and chatGPT in dentistry?

The answer is yes but not in the way you may think. I would split this down to direct and indirect involvement. The issue is that chatGPT is incredible open AI software and can create such great relatively accurate content. This can then be checked by other AI software and dismissed as unoriginal content. So I can only see the future as being AI vs AI observed by humans - and it is already here whether we like it or not.

Here are a few examples:

1) An indirect example would be that most dental practices use google or google ads which runs on AI algorithms. Therefore we are always trying to be higher up the search rankings and deliver better ranking output. This invariably involves automated software analysing and indexing us constantly.

2) A direct example would be that in our dental practice with have the latest AI X-ray software from Carestream that allows instant analysis of your dental X-rays for an decay, lesions or infections. This ensures that problems can be caught early and are not missed by clinicians and reported on.

3) Medical and dental conditions can be monitored directly. For example you can take a regular set of bloods and these results can be analysed by software and any concerns raised directly to your GP for remote monitoring. In dentistry, we have orthodontic software that can analyse your photos and tell us how your teeth are moving in line with our projected treatment plans. In the long term, more sophisticated AI software will come in helping clinicians identify any patterns and trends developing to help identify problems earlier. We can even collect your tooth brushing data now with new toothbrushes that link to your phone and forward this data on to us. If only we could do this with flossing! lol

4) Chatbots and virtual assistants and receptionists. You may notice pretty much every site have these chatbots to help you navigate the website and help collect data on how to improve interactions. Over time these will become more and more sophisticated so that one will not be able to even tell what is human made vs AI made. We will have virtual receptionists that can answer your rudimentary questions and book appointments for you. Employing people is really challenging in todays environment and if someone offers you a cheaper more efficient solution as a business owner it is hard to ignore it. Thankfully we believe a personal human touch is crucial in every part of our patient journey but for sure we need to try and find a fusion of the best of both worlds, if that is even possible.

So in summary, instead of me wasting my time writing something that no one will read just to make sure my website stays relevant in google rankings maybe I should spend about 30 seconds outsourcing this to chatGPT in the future.... or maybe this is already written by a robot!

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