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Are dentists open during a COVID-19 Pandemic?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

The short answer is YES!

Outside of an operating theatre, dental practices are one of the cleanest and safest places to attend. Ask yourself why the coronavirus mortality rate amongst dental professionals is so low... one of the main reasons is that we have always employed such strict cross infection protocols before this virus. As a profession, we are exposed to a number of viruses on a daily bases such as HIV and Hepatitis, so we have to ensure that all safety measures are employed to their fullest.

At TAHADental Excellence we were one of the first custom built clinics in the country specifically thought out and designed with dealing with COVID-19. Throughout our practice, built into the ceilings and walls, we have constant air filtration and air exchanges.

Some of the other protocols we follow are:

- All appointments are by appointment only and organised via web or phone.

- Pre screening of all patients before entering the practice using our emailed health questionnaire. This is done 2-3 days before your appointment and confirmed and followed up by our staff. If you are deemed high risk or have not provided the necessary information we may need to reschedule your appointment. This is for your and our safety.

- In order to limit risk of transfer, we are a paperless, contactless and cashless practice. All payments are organised beforehand through secure online portals or via card or bank transfer.

- If you are COVID-19 positive and are in pain please contact us for advice or ring 111.

- If you are a high risk vulnerable individual and need to see the dentist please contact us to see how we can help (also visit our dental concerns section).

When you arrive at the practice:

1) Please call us to let us know you are here on 01235 550987.

(If travelling by car, please wait in your vehicle - ring the practice reception team who will advise you when it is safe to arrive). We advise where possible that you attend on your own, unless you are a parent attending with your child. Our aim is to limit the amount of waiting for our patients and make their visit as efficient and as pleasant as possible.

2) Once at our entrance, one of our staff will welcome you into the practice. We will advise you to place your belongings into a specific area or container that will accompany you. We advise that you limit what you bring with you to essentials only. Please bring a mask with you also, that you should wear at all times in the practice (until a clinician advises you to remove and place back on).

3) Your temperature will then be recorded via a non-touch thermometer. If your temperature is above 37.8 degrees Celsius, you will be asked to return home and self isolate in line with current government guidelines.

4) We will then confirm your Covid-19 pre screening checks with you and ask you to use hand sanitiser or wash your hands before guiding you to one of our treatment rooms.

5) Once in the treatment room with your clinician, they will advise you to remove your mask so that they can proceed with the examination and/or treatment. Your clinician and their assistant may be wearing special gowns and masks as an extra precaution - do not be worried it is purely for yours and their safety.

6) All instruments, surfaces, rooms are cleaned and disinfected before and after attendance to the practice. We operate a strict system of one in and one out approach to limit the amount of time and unnecessary interactions in the clinic.

7) Once your appointment is complete, you and your belongings will be guided from our treatment room to reception. We will then ask you to sanitise your hands as you leave and organise any future appointments via phone or email.

We as a practice operate the strictest cross infection protocols and adopt all possible measures to ensure your safety. In fact, we actually teach many of these measures to other health care professionals across the world.

We are proud to be able to say to our patients that we do not charge extra for the additional costs with regards to PPE as your safety is our paramount importance.

Rest assured the same friendly, warm and kind staff are still behind those masks and we will always try our best to look after you.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to email on or 01235 550987.

Best wishes from all the team at TAHA Dental Excellence.

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