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How do you know which dentist to choose?

I often see many patients (include dentists themselves) who have seen many other dental professionals beforehand. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact we actively encourage it in many instances.

We generally pick our professionals based on some of the following:

- Location (how easy they are to get to, parking and disability facilities).

- They were recommended.

- How much they charge.

- The look of the clinic, website and treatments offered.

- The dentist, their qualifications and experience.

- Their testimonials and google reviews.

- Photographs of their work on social media.

- The individual communication skills of the clinic and the clinician.

- Whether they are good with nervous patients.

- If they are open early mornings, late evenings and weekends.

- Their availability in dealing with emergencies.

So your decision may be based on some of these factors, none of them or all of them. One may put more emphasis on certain factors due to their individual circumstances and past experiences. Nonetheless it is important to carry out your own research and potentially visit or video consult a few clinicians to decide who you feel would best represent your needs and future goals.

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