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Not being appreciated? Why?

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

After so many years of training, suffering, learning, being a poor student I often think is it all worth it? I then try and avoid spiralling into a world of wayward emotions. So what has 'triggered' me this month?! lol Well I suppose it's a multitude of things (as per usual!). People who know me, know that I work incredibly hard and try and give my very best for everyone. So when people attend and express they want a particular treatment done and that done only... it is very difficult for me, why? Well because firstly my job is to address their concern but also assess their overall oral health. This in many instances may mean that I find infections or decay that need attended to first beforehand. So I will inform the patient that although their main concern is valid we must prioritise more serious issues first. Now to be fair most patients are understanding and realise that it is for their own best interest but others just flat out ignore it and almost take it as an affront. I always explain our job is to not only address your main issues but to also let you know in great detail other concerns that need addressed. Our attention to the details sets us apart from the rest. That is why so often we are told by people "my previous dentist has never shown or mentioned that to me".

So, in summary, what upsets me is that I am really trying to help people and they just do not want to hear it and they would prefer to bury their heads in the sand. Maybe I am being too harsh and there needs to be a sinking in period. Maybe the list of all the problems that need addressed could be too overwhelming for many. Maybe I should just fix their main issue and ignore the rest and bring it up another time. Maybe I need to accept that in life some people will appreciate you and some people will not and that one should not stress about these things too much. I think on reflection, it is probably a combination of all these things... the main thing is that one stays consistent to their beliefs and keep trying their very best each day, and maybe just maybe we will have a list of patients that really love what we do!


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