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Why you should never shop on just price...

We get a lot of enquiries for treatments and sometimes we get a bit confused by them. Some people go on our website, then ring us and just say something like "I want teeth whitening how much do you charge?"

Now from a customer service perspective it is always best to strike a rapport and understand the reasons why they want this etc etc.

So we will spend a few minutes doing this (often we find that they need a consultation as they do not realise that their request may not actually be appropriate or quite what they actually need). Then we ask have they visited the website....

If they say 'no' - we normally suggest after the phone call to visit the section on pertinent to them. The reason is because over the years I have taken lots of photos of my cases and written down all the common questions I get asked. My website and work has been copied by many other clinics around the world - I suppose imitation is a form of flattery lol.

This means that when people do attend the consultation they are better educated and can ask more accurate questions in relation to them rather than the generic ones.

If they say 'yes' and I've see the fees - then we are a bit confused because we clearly state all our prices on our website. Sometimes dental practices almost hide their fees but we believe in total transparency with all our customers so they know what they are getting. I personally hate it when I go to another business and get lumbered with a load of additional charges that I was not told about or expecting. So when I built this practice I never wanted the hidden fee mentality that a lot of other businesses have.

So this gentleman that contacted us then said I know that's your price but am just ringing lots of practices and asking them what their prices are.

I have to say it annoyed me a little (I know it shouldn't and I should be more tolerant). I worked so hard on this website and social media creating these from scratch because I do not want anyone else 'talking' for us. I want people to realise I put all my heart and soul into this and we are totally different to any other practice in the world. We are unique. We are special and WE WANT YOU TO FEEL SPECIAL when you visit us. Alas this is just lost on some people.

If you just focus on money and the price in life, I promise you it will be very empty. I have always believed that I am happy to pay for quality and the experience as I believe in the long term rather than a short term cheap fix that will just be false economy.

In summary, yes price is a huge factor but it should never be your only factor in dental treatment especially. Thankfully we explained to the caller to look at our results and compare and he quickly realised that he wanted the quality with the result and was prepared to pay for it and you can see his great result on our website now!

Until next time... Best wishes Thomas

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