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Do I actually grind my teeth?

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Also know as bruxism can be due to multiple factors:

- anxiety

- stress

- sleep disturbance (including sleep apnoea)

- certain medications and drugs

- crowded or unbalanced bite

- habit formed (can occur sub consciously i.e. staring at monitor or weight training)

What are its main effects?

- face, shoulder and neck pain

- teeth sensitivity

- cavitation and fractures in teeth

- sometimes linked with gum recession

- headaches

- making your teeth shorter and flat (older appearance)

- earache

- painful tmj jaw joints

- larger and more tense facial muscles

- can lead to more root canals, crowns and teeth being removed

How do I prevent or fix it?

- regular dental check ups to monitor it

- identify suspected causes and address these

- orthodontic therapy

- splint therapy

- build up the worn down teeth

- replacing missing teeth

- airway and sleep disorder assessment

- analysis of jaw joints and any arthritis

- relaxation and exercise techniques

- reducing stimulants

- ensure gums and teeth are healthy

- review diet, alcohol and smoking habits

Make sure you visit this link for more information: LINK

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