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Is now a good time for orthodontics and Invisalign? And how do I choose what dentist I go to?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

There is no time like the present for the following reasons:

- Sometimes we can be a little self-conscious about having braces or clear aligners but currently with the lock down and reduced face to face contact this maybe less of an issue. Some orthodontic treatments can even be completed within 10-12 weeks.

- Some of our patients have told us because they cannot go on holiday they are using their saved resources and time towards improving their homes, health and their smiles. All of them are constantly tell us how glad they are to get their treatment done and that they are glad that they did not put it off any longer.

- We provide video consultations from the comfort of your own home. Click here.

- You can do a before and after smile simulation on your phone within seconds to see what the result would look like. Click Here.

- We have the latest digital scanner so no more messy impressions and we can give you a digital mock up on the spot. We can then modify the ideal shape and movement together so you can agree on your ideal result before proceeding.

- We offer payment plans so the cost can be spread over months.

- We guarantee all our comprehensive Invisalign cases for up to 5 years.

- We include free whitening with all our orthodontic cases.

- We are experts in composite bonding, composite and porcelain veneers. Just look at some of our cases and compare.

- We adopt all COVID-19 safety precautions if you need to come but we can monitor your case from your own home via video and remote monitoring should you wish. Although you still may need to physically attend - the number of visits can be reduced resultantly.

So if you are planning a nicer, whiter smile in time for the summer or a special event, now is the moment to start the process to make sure you get that smile you always wanted in time!

Make sure you visit our website dedicated to all things orthodontics and Invisalign:

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